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Hello everyone, and welcome to the new Old School Minecraft forums!

This is a place where you can post discussions about topics ranging from Minecraft to tech, and everything in-between! This forum is not a replacement for our Discord server, but we fear it could be banned soon. Explanation follows.

Mojang/Microsoft has decided to force Minecraft players to migrate their accounts to a Microsoft account, and will prevent people from playing, should they refuse to do so. In light of this, we will be discontinuing support for premium Minecraft accounts, and reinstating OSM accounts. I know this change might be a little surprising to people who saw how firm our stance against piracy was. Believe me, we would love to support premium accounts, but doing so would violate our values and beliefs, and we believe it would hurt the community as a whole.

Our stance does technically violate the Discord ToS regarding game piracy, and so we hope to see your continued participation in our community here on the new forums.

Thank you,
- Staff team.

P.S. We are looking for forum moderators. You can apply in the applications board.
System Administrator of Old School Minecraft.

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